Soccer Time Line 2024

Division Grades, Ages On Field Ball Goal Size Game Time Other
U5/U6 COED Pre K Age 4 & young 5 (coed) 5v5 3 3v3 5:30 & 6:15 No goalie/ Coach on field
U6 COED Grade K Age 5 (coed) 7v7 3 12' 6:00 Goalie/ Coach on field
U8B Grades 2 Age 6-7 9v9 4 18' 6:00 No coach on Field
U8G Grades 2 Age 6-7 9v9 4 18' 6:00 No coach on Field
U10B Grades 3-4 Age 8-9 9v9 4 18' 6:00/7:15 No coach on Field
U10G Grades 3-4 Age 8-9 9v9 4 18' 6:00/7:15 No coach on Field
U12 COED Grades 5-6 Age 10-11 9v9 4 18' 7:15 No coach on Field
U14 COED Grades 7-8 Age 12-13 9v9 4 18' 7:15 No coach on Field
U18 Grades H.S. 9-12 Age 14-18 9v9 or 3v3 5 TBD TBD No coach on Field
Practices: Monday and Wednesday
Once games start--M/W Practices move to Wednesday nights
Tuesday and Thursday
Once games start- T/Th practices move to Tuesday nights
Once Games start, will need to get you another day

Draft Dates 2024 for HEAD COACHES - Thursday, November 16, 2023

Draft and equip handout 2024 Day Time
U8G 7/29 6:00 PM
U8B 7/29 6:45 PM
U10B 7/29 7:30 PM
U10G 7/30 6:00 PM
U12 7/30 6:45 PM
U14 7/30 7:30 PM
U18 TBD-if needed TBD


Today is: 

Game Cancellations Announcements will be updated with the current date by 3:30 PM during the week, by 8 AM Saturdays, and by 10 AM Sundays-for cancellations only.  If this site is not updated by the time listed above, games are on.  Please plan to play.  We will only cancel in the event of poor field conditions.  If the fields can be lined by 3:30, games will play.  In the event of extreme weather after 3:30, your coaches will meet the Referee Coordinator at the Ref Shed for instructions. If weather pops up during a game, listen for the air horn and instructions by your Referees.
The following heat index policy guidelines have been established to ensure the safety and welfare of all players, coaches, and umpires involved with the sport of softball.

80° - 89°: Use caution; Monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
90° - 104°: Use extreme caution; Ensure water breaks are allowed as needed; Ensure that all individuals drink fluids and that uniforms are modified to ensure the coolest level available.
105° - 114°: Games shortened in duration to allow a longer break between games/innings for all involved; Alter uniforms where feasible;
115° & Above: All activities will be suspended until the heat index is below 115.

*As a coach, practices you can cancel due to heat or weather. You can cut them short, take many water breaks, start them later in the evening also. Once games start, we will call all games.

Referee Application & Paperwork

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  • Application
  • Letter of Intent if under 16
  • Il Tax Form
  • Fed Tax Form 
Drop off at the park office or scan to
Park Office:
410 Wickliffe St. Troy, IL 62294
(Big brick building by the lake and gazebo)
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm