Projected Timeline 2024 updated 11/16/23

Projected Timeline 2024
Registration January 1-March 10
Wait List & Late Fee $20 Starts March 11
Confirm Coaches and Finalize Divisions March 18-25
Draft & Equipment Handout- March 26-28
Practices Start March 26-April 6
Easter Weekend March 29-31
Draft of Game Schedules to PARKS April 5
Draft approved by Parks-all changed made April 8
Draft of Game Schedules to Coaches for errors April 8-10th
Draft Game Schedules by Coaches Complete April 11
Final Game Schedule Complete for Distribution April 12
League Games Start April 29
Pictures TBD
Memorial Weekend-No League Games May 24-27
League Games End Inst up Pending weather June 20
Reschedules Pause for Playoffs (Inst up) June 21-29
Playoffs for Instructional Up & Last Games TB June 22-June 29
Any needed reschedules June 30-July 6
Max End Date with Reschedules, Rainouts and playoffs July 6

Draft Date for Head Coaches Instructional & Up


DRAFT Dates: Draft Times:
Tee Ball No Draft
Tuesday 3/26 600pm BR / 645pm BA / 730 GA
Wednesday 3/27 6pm GI / 645 GR/ 730pm BI
Thursday 3/28 Back Up if needed for GAA or BAA

Parking Options-MAP

Click for map:
Red Dot- Boys Instructional #3- parking available in the front of the Activity Center (skating rink)
Blue Dot- Fields 8,9,10 and tee ball- parking is available in the rear of the Activity Center (skating rink)
Pink Dot- Softball #1- the main parking lot is the best option, but there is a road behind the field that you can park at or the community center.
Orange Dot- Soccer fields #10-#13- for anyone on the soccer fields on the west side of the park- please use the west lot that leads up to football!

Updated RULES 2023

Updated Rules : Click Read More below:

Rec Baseball Fields:

Rec Baseball Fields:
Cancellations: Will post on our Facebook Page and Community Page
Posted by 3:30 pm weekdays and 8 am Saturdays
Fields: Tri-Township Park 410 Wickliffe, Troy, IL 62294 (View Map)
St. Jacob Fields
Cancellations: Will post on our Facebook Page
Fields: St. Jacob Township Park, 339 W Main St Saint Jacob, IL 62281
Cancellations: 654-7042
Fields: Highland Glik Park,- Zobrist, Wirz 2 & 3 12525 Sportsmann Rd. Highland, IL 62249
Cancellations: 622-1439 by 4 pm (or check the Facebook Page)
Fields: Community Park, 401 East 5th St. O'Fallon, IL (in the Center of Town, 1 block west of O'Fallon Twnsp HS) Hesse Park, 810 Madison Dr. O'Fallon, IL (Behind Hinchcliffe Elementary)
O'Fallon Family Sports Park, 301 Obernuefemann Road, O'Fallon IL
Shiloh Community Park, 1 Park Dr., Shiloh IL 62269 (Games will be on Field B, west of the water tower)
Maryville (or check Facebook Page)
Cancellations: (or check Facebook Page)
Fields: Drost Park, 504 E Division Street, Maryville IL 62062
Gretchen Wilson Park - 209 Pocahontas Ave, Pocahontas, IL 62275
Collinsville Parks and Recreation
Collinsville Sports Complex
Cancellations: The Rainout Hotline phone number is the Parks and Recreation Office number. Callers will be prompted to choose #1 for the Rainout Hotline or #2 for Office information. 618-346-7529 Press #1
View the Inclement Weather & Rainout Policy PDF
JJK Foundation Cancellations: (615)351-1042. Updates will be provided by 4:00 pm for the weekday games and by 9:00 am for the Saturday games.

Game Cancellations

Games in Troy Park:
Today's Date is:  All Games are on as Scheduled
Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and on this webpage for all weather-related updates. 
If you are team that travels to another park, check the parks rainout communication each day for that parks updates.
Rain Out/Field Cancelation Policy:
The field crew assesses the fields at 3pm daily. We post by 3:30 at the very latest. All games are on as scheduled unless by 3:30 we have posted here and on our website that there is a canceled field/game. This is plenty of time to notify all parents and grandparents if needed. If we can line the fields, the games are ON. If we can not line the fields due to field conditions, we will immediately post on here and on our webpage what fields are not playable, canceled, or moved. Please be patient. We do not want to call too early as a good wind day or a little sun for a few hours dries a field.
We do not call for weather. Many time weather passes us. We try to play all games. If we can line them, we do and if a front pushes thru, the Umpire Coordinator and Baseball Coordinator will assess the situation on the fields. A light rain, we play. Lightening we do not. We can not predict weather and we do not have anyone at the fields until 5:30- so the Coordinators talk at this time.
Please know the staff in the office does not have info on the fields as we are working intensely at our desks so early detection is not possible 🙁. If we know earlier than 3:30, we always post. Promise!!!!
The following heat index policy guidelines have been established to ensure the safety and welfare of all players, coaches, and umpires involved with the sport of softball.

80° - 89°: Use caution; Monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
90° - 104°: Use extreme caution; Ensure water breaks are allowed as needed; Ensure that all individuals drink fluids and that uniforms are modified to ensure the coolest level available.
105° - 114°: Games shortened in duration to allow a longer break between games/innings for all involved; Alter uniforms where feasible;
115° & Above: All activities will be suspended until the heat index is below 115.

Coaches Log in to their TEAM

Coaches, please use your coaches/volunteer log in here for your team, roster, contact info and the ability to text or email them. 

Umpire Application & Paperwork

Letter of Intent if under 16
IL Tax Form
Federal Tax Form 

MERBL Middle School Fields

Link to MERBL Middle School Fields


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I hear from my child’s Coach?
Coaches will not receive their rosters or practice schedules until the very end of March.  They will be calling the first week of April.
When do Practices start?
Practices start the first week of April.
Please be patient. Some coaches are working, may be out of town and each will start when they are able.
When will I know our practice schedule?
Your coach will call with your practice schedule once they receive their teams and schedules.
What if I have not heard from my child’s coach?
Please give them until the end of the first week of April to contact you via email or phone.
What does my child need for baseball, softball, or tee ball?
All players need a glove and water for practices. All children receive a Jersey and hat the week before games start.  Tee ball players can wear black shorts and tennis shoes. Baseball and softball players will need baseball or softball pants and socks.  Please wait to purchase until your coach decides on what color pants and for the color of your team for the socks. There will be helmets in the coaches’ bag to share.  Boys Instructional up is required to wear a cup.
Where do I get items they need to play?
The park provides the Jersey and hat.  There are helmets to share in the coach’s bag.  We have a borrow program at the park office (as they grow so fast!).  You can borrow these and give them back or to another player that can use them when done.  Play it Again Sports has great equipment and Walmart carries most everything needed too!
When do games start?
Games start the first week of May.
When will the game schedule be out?
Game schedules do not come out until the second week of April. They will be given to the coaches.  They will also be linked on your rec desk page for all divisions except MERBL (Boys AA and Boys AAA) 
When do the games end?
League games are set to end pending any delays by June 30th.  Instructional Divisions up have optional team playoffs immediate after their last league games end.  Tee Ball does not play in the playoffs, so they are done after their league games are complete! 
Does my child receive a medal?
Tee Ball players and Instructional player receive medals. Rookie and up receive 1st and 2nd place medals only.
What days of the weeks are games/practices?
Practices and games run throughout the week depending on the division and coach’s availability, then on Saturday mornings. Generally, there is a practice or a game during the week, then one on Saturday morning.  
Can I request a coach/teammate?
There is a place in registration to request a teammate. This is not guaranteed.
Can my child play up/down a division?
Your child may play up, but we do not allow players to play down in age/grade.